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押冠军计划平刷王软件:Subsequent fund managers sentient beings: some want to buy the bottom also want to reduce holdings

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内容摘要: Last week, US stocks plunged, ledglobal stock market fell , A-share market also all the way down, the Shanghai Composite Indexfell nearly 1...

Last week, US stocks plunged, led global stock market fell , A-share market also all the way down, the Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 10%, most of the raised funds have suffered a different range of net retracement. For this plunge, fund managers have very different opinions and opinions, and they also have very different opinions about the market outlook. Some think about "bargain hunting" while others think of "escapping." Under

major adjustment FACES

reporter interviewed a large number of fund managers, we found that this round of adjustment, most fund managers a higher position, the past week raised NAV retracement also reflects this.

There are fund managers told reporters that according to past experience, when there is a sharp adjustment, the first reaction is to find a suitable rebound timing shipments to avoid greater losses in net worth, but the stock market fell too fast, "shipping" More difficult. He believes that with the drastic adjustment in mid-2015 and early 2016, "the drop is also not a decent rally, plunge."

Some fund managers also lighten up in advance, and fund managers have told reporters that he had previously Adjustments to the position, he judged Bank shares rose too high, the hands of the bank shares sold in full, and for some of the smaller and better performance of small and medium market capitalization stocks. As a result, those stocks that were thinking about small-cap stocks fell along with large-cap bank stocks. Fortunately, as a whole, their positions have been somewhat reduced. As a result, the net retracement has been relatively small.

Some other fund managers are aware of the risk in the past, but because of the slow down, did not escape the adjustment.

Compared with public funds, some specialized fund managers and fund managers who pursue absolute returns are more flexible. A fund manager with a special account said he felt the gains could be unsustainable in the mid to late January when the stock market is rising, and he has substantially lightened his position to ensure absolute gains. In other special fund managers, they lighten their stocks rapidly at the start of the plunge. In addition, some investment managers adopt the form of stock index futures hedging to form a certain "protection" of the net value in the near future.

Some outstanding performance last year, the Fund net retracement of the recent large, stakeholders told reporters: "Part of the reason for the excellent performance because of high risk, the market is easy to cover up the potential risk of rising, so come across such a plunge, risk began to honor "

superposition of multiple factors led to decline

what led to a sharp adjustment of the market, fund managers for the reporter summarized the following reasons: the first is

US stock market crash triggered a global stock market decline A shares caused a certain degree of pressure, and this pressure has been amplified through emotional rendering, resulting in pessimistic catharsis.

The second is the financial de-leveraging is still continuing, the national debt Interest rates High, tight capital surface is still plagued by A shares, all kinds of asset management plans due to reduced leverage led to the reduction of shares or even open-down pressure, directly exacerbating the market volatility Uncertainty.

The third is that the A-share market is frequently exposed, causing the market to question the authenticity and growth of the performance of listed companies and causing the valuation of some listed companies to go down. Fourth, since the beginning of the year, A shares usher in a sharp rise in the capital before the Spring Festival have a profit-taking impulse, but also have some room for revenue. For many agencies, even in the recent slump in selling, still able to retain some profit. Some agencies are reluctant to hold shares for the holidays, so save profits ahead of schedule. The fifth is the valuation of individual stocks for the main weight is too high, the market has a larger disagreement, part of the funds began to sell.

After the crash Whether the buy or sell

In recent years, the fund manager is to choose to hold the New Year, or hold cash?

Some fund managers are in favor of the New Year. A well-known fund manager said that after such a continuous plunge in the risk has been basically released, the recent lows may be the lows of six months. He believes that the current overall market valuation is not high, especially banks, insurance other blue chip valuations level is still reasonable, the overall market fell little room. Therefore, the emotional crash is the timing of buying.

But more fund managers think it is not the time to buy. There are fund companies Investment Director believes that the market trend is inertia. After such a fierce decline, the market is unlikely to V-shaped reversal. An important feature of this decline is that it is too late for anybody to lighten up. This will result in a large amount of funds to rebound after a continuous rally and a rebound.

"The bounce is not a buying opportunity." He said that after such a decline, it is very difficult for the A-share market to quickly return to the uptrend. In the future, the A-share market probably requires a period of consolidation, digestion and repair, Back to the rising channel. But there are fund managers that: "Lighten up now is actually equivalent to flesh, because none of these bearish market is substantial." Because of these negative factors, and can not really affect the corporate profitability.

For fund managers, I'm afraid the ideal situation is now there is cash in hand to "pick up bargains." However, many fund managers may not be such a lucky. A fund manager told reporters that there are many stocks are quite cheap, but before the position is too high, not much cash.

Buy large cap stocks or small cap stocks is still a problem

Is the market after the decline in the style switch?

Earlier there was a sign of a wave of style switching in the markets where last week there was a rise in small cap stocks and a drop in large cap stocks. But soon, large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks appeared again under the situation of sediment.

Trending fund managers have a clear banner that large-cap stocks less opportunities than small-cap stocks. "Buy bank stocks is not as good as buying government bonds." He calculated such an account, as bank shares have been rising continuously, the dividend rate has dropped to more than three levels, the dividend yield even worse than the current decade National debt or financial products yield. However, the short-term rapid pull-back once again put these bank stocks together with certain risks. Therefore, on the whole, bank stocks should not be reinvested. He told reporters earlier that he held bank shares for as long as two or three years, but before the recent rally, he sold all his bank shares.

But there is also a valuable fund manager who said that after the plunge, in fact, large cap stocks and small cap stocks have the opportunity. Due to the large declines in large cap stocks, it also fell out of space. In contrast, insurance, banking Unit price is still higher than the other plates, the next step he is still willing to buy bank shares. .

There fund managers believe that the key lies in the future selected stocks, both large-cap stocks or small cap stocks, only high-quality stocks, the fastest recovery from the decline.

In this round of decline in the callback real estate stocks larger, is that many fund managers have mentioned and said promising investment direction. A fund manager told reporters that real estate stocks are expected in 2017 and 2018 annual report performance will be the most beautiful part of the performance of A shares, and A shares of high-quality real estate stocks in the next three years the growth rate may far exceed market expectations.





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